A fast, object-oriented Discord API wrapper.

npm i tiscord

import { Client, Interaction } from 'tiscord';
const client = new Client({
    token: 'TOKEN',
    intents: []

// listen for interactions
client.on('interactionCreate', interaction => {
    if (!interaction.isChatInputCommand()) return;
    if (interaction.name !== "ping") return;
    interaction.reply({content: "pong"});

// connect to discord

Reasons to use Tiscord

Active Maintenance

Tiscord is being actively updated and new API features are being added in rapid succession.


We want Tiscord to be flexible. Configure it according to your needs. You can configure caching, debug logs and much more.

Ease of use

In favour of Tiscord is simplicity. Enjoy the beauty of your code by leaving it clean and simple.